Winter Project 2009 / 2010

Vitalstatistix, the chief

name German : Majestix
name French : Abraracourcix
name Dutch : Heroïx
name Spanish : Abraracúrcix
name Italian : Abraracourcix
name Portuguese : Abraracourcix

Vitalstatistix is the chief of the Gallic village. A majestic, courageous, suspicious old warrior, respected by his men and feared by his enemies.

Vitalstatistix fears only one thing: That the sky may fall on his head tomorrow! But as he says himself: "We haven't yet seen the end of the matter."

This warlike chief was in the winter half-year 2009 / 2010 our job.

First, we asked the question in the Asterix forum, in what colors we should build the chief.

Middle of October, we took care of the almost traditionally grown trip to Braunschweig to pick up 215 meters ripstop nylon from the material dealer of our confidence.

Then as usual and already become a habit the separating of the figure and the construction of the templates.

Special attention should be given in the distribution of proportions so that the desired size relation comes not to over-sized hands, arms and feet.

Here, everyone should put a healthy sense of proportion on the day, so that the figure is also found later again in the kite . And so we started in the end of October.

Still made a quick photo before his shirt was pulled over his head.

Not nice, but necessary

In early November we created the first template of the feet and legs.

Already middle of December the feet were sewing together. Then we went to his trousers.

Four pieces of 4 x 4 meters (13 x 13 ft) in blue (40 cm wide) and black (20 cm wide) ripstop nylon were cut out and sewn together again .

Altogether 56 strips of 4 meters (13 ft) length. Makes a total of 72 sqm ripstop nylon.

From this, two front and rear parts were cut. Tucks sewn in and sewing all the parts together.

Only shoes to the Gaul so he was half finished.

Then in the middle of January 2010 we have cut four pieces out of green ripstop nylon for the shirt of the chief.

For this, we spent nearly 36 sqm ripstop nylon. Cross and transverse seams are sewn with reinforcements, so that inner cords and bridle points coincided.

The sword of the chief is made of 44 parts and about 6 sqm ripstop nylon.

Then the belt with a length of 12,8 meters (42 ft) and a material consumption of 5.5 sqm ripstop nylon.

In late January we finished the arms and hands with 30 sqm of skin-colored and green ripstop nylon.

Contrary to the template, we have modeled the chief fingers and thumbs, so that he has no mittens on.

Then in the beginning of February we have drawn all templates for the head and start to cut them out.

The head consists of 34 parts. Already on 15. February, we assembled all the pieces together.

On 28. February 2010, we have completed the interior work.

Trousers................................................................................................ Shirt and head approach

Inside trousers


Still missing the belt, cape and sword.

Inner cords have a length of 100 meters (328 ft). Bridle lines have a length of 130 meters (426 ft).

Because the chief is carried on a shield through the village, we have built with 18 sqm blue ripstop nylon, 138 squares and about 100 meters (328 ft) satin ribbon a shield.

One star out of 5 sqm white ripstop nylon on top and a lot of inner cords hold the shield in form.

First flight was on 10.04.2010 of course, like all Gauls in France.


Here's a little video