Two Kite Festivals in Canada

After the 2011 Ice Kite Festival in St. Placide, we receive an invitation for the spring 2012 Saint Honore Kite Festival in the province of Quebec. At the same time we stood in negotiations with the organization of the Windscape Kite Festival in Saskatchewan. And so it turned out that we could participate at two kite festivals in Canada.

A short info to Alex and Christian and we could start to plan our trip. Middle of July, after around 150 e-mails later, the trip was planned out and we started from Frankfurt to Montreal. After receiving the rental car and about a 6 hours drive we arrive in St.Honore.

Brigitte Bussières and her husband Lucienne had arranged everything for us and so we could take our quarters in front of a beautiful lake.

Madame topped herself every morning with her amazing breakfast ideas.

The festival took place on Saturday and Sunday on an active airport. Such an action would be unthinkable in Germany.

Wind and weather conditions were optimal so that all kites could fly.

With the best wind on Saturday the night flying could start. It was very successful.

A very huge thank you to Brigitte and her team for an unforgettable event.

Monday morning we traveled to Oakville / Toronto to spend three days with our friend Gary Mark. A trip to the Niagara Falls and flying some kites on the American side of the Falls, a visit of Toronto and the CN Tower was the plan for our free days between the two Kite Festivals. On Thursday we fly some kites at the Toronto Beach. Not to forget that spectacular BBQ Pool Party with our host Gary.

Photos can be seen here

From Toronto we were flying over Winnipeg to Regina to participate at the weekend on the Windscape Kite Festival. This festival is not just a Kite Festival in the traditional sense. During the day there was kite flying and in the evening there was a music festival in the tent. Different Canadian bands are playing every night in the festival tent.

On this Kite Festival is no nightfly.

All kite flyers were placed at the Best Western Hotel, where new contacts were made and old continued to strengthen. A special highlight was to see Ray Bethel and his wife Dolores once again.

Also here a big thank you to Shann Gowan and her team.


Photogallery Kite Festival St. Honore

Photogallery Windscape Kite Festival


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