Festi vent sur Glace, Saint Placide


Already last year we were in conversation to participate at this event.

But unfortunately it not happened and we did not continue after it.

Therefore, we were surprised when in Fall an invitation of Stephanie Bergot fluttered into our house.

She had seen Asterix, Obelix, Maya the Bee and our heroes on our side.

And while browsing our site, she have seen a festival report (Berck sur mer) and also found Bob the Builder.

Since there it was clear that in addition to Stefan and Walter, Alex and Pumi also had to go on the plane.

A number of mails, countless phone calls and several repacking actions later, we had everything together. 8 compribags were packed to the brim with kites.

The adventure could start.

On 17 February, we drove to the Frankfurt / Main airport and already 9 hours later we were in Montreal.

Several questions later, what's in the bags, we have met at the Montreal airport our personal Festival driver.

We were housed at Madame Antoinette, who calls a small mill house with guest rooms as their own. All rooms are decorated according to themes.

Pumi and Alex were in the Seven Heaven, Stefan were in the Japanese room and Walter were placed in the Egypt room.

Madam and her husband were constantly trying to spoil us and make sure that we even went well.

On Friday, it was warm and rainy so that there were no school children on the frozen lake.

Since the action with Bob the Builder has been moved to the gym. All the kids obviously had fun.

Saturday, swept the wind quickly across the lake, so that only the battle-hardened Superheroes were allowed to fly, which even stood for night flying.

Sunday, finally the perfect day. Wind and weather at its best, there was only "The Flash" in the bag. For him it was definitely no space.

At temperatures of - 12 ° to - 20 degrees there was already commendable that our little hut on the lake was well heated.

Constantly someone came over by the festival organization and still put some wood into the fire.

Later, after the festival was finished, all participants and volunteers were invited to the mayor for some typical Canadian specialties.

Monday, after breakfast, all the kites were sorted and packed by the packing list.

Then we went back to the airport and nearly 9 hours later we were back in Germany.


Here is the report from the German kitemagazin



Sensational and adventurous five days filled with warmth and cordiality.

A lot new friends found and continually surprised how friendly they can be cared of one.


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